The Hearing Protection Problem

Noise is unpleasant, aggravating and stressful, leading to reduced efficiency and can cause hearing loss that can be an irreversible disability.
Employees at risk from noise induced hearing loss in a work environment require the maximum possible consideration.

Noise cannot always be eliminated or effectively reduced by engineering and administrative controls alone.

In some cases it is vital to issue hearing Protection.

Employers have traditionally had to rely on 'one size fits all' type of hearing protector muffs and plugs.

There is however a wide variation in both ear anatomy and the hearing sensitivity of individuals and precise and very careful fitting is a crucial element in achieving the manufacturers assumed protection figures.

The Solution... DEFENDEAR Personalised Hearing Protection

Now once and for all, the hearing protection problem can be resolved with confidence.

DEFENDEAR hearing protection is revolutionary and scientifically engineered ear inserts that not only have a unique patented twin chamber acoustic filter, but are also custom made for each wearer.

This effective combination consistently ensures a high level of protection at harmful higher noise frequencies (3kHz to 6kHz), yet provides little sound reduction at the lower accepted speech frequencies, (250Hz to 1kHz), and therefore normal spoken communication is hardly impeded.

In the same way that an optician prescribes and fits spectacles, our qualified persons initially visit the customers premises and using a professionally recognised technique, examine and take impressions of employees ears and if required will carry out an industrial hearing test.

Back at the laboratory, these ear impressions are used to form moulds that are then cast into a medically approved non-allergic silicone material, the unique acoustic filter is then carefully inserted.

After manufacture, a qualified dispenser fits each set of individually tailored hearing protection to the wearer.

The original impressions are retained within the DEFENDEAR laboratory,
allowing replacements to be provided quickly and at no further cost in the case of accidental loss, theft or damage.

The end result is a guarantee of a significant noise reduction within the work environment,
as well as an assurance of peace of mind for both employee and employer.

A Word in Your Ear... DEFENDEAR ...Number One in Personalised Hearing Protection